Chapter 10

  • a conflict between Changez and the American

When Changez tells the American about the past and that his story about Juan-Bautista was real, the American got skeptical. There is this saying that you should not believe everything a stranger is telling you, but I cannot find myself to believe that he is lying. 

  • a conflict between Changez and the United State

He starts to lose his best friend in the office, Wainright, as a result of Changez not wanting to shave his beard. Wainright pointed out that his beard and cultural differences should be kept outside his workspace so he could “fit in more” in the American office. Jim, on the other hand, is more accepting of the fact that he understands his reasons for keeping his beard. Moreover, Changez feels like his only hope is Jim.

  • an inner conflict between Changez and himself

Changez ends up leaving his work and having some troubles with himself. the situation home in Lahore with the war and that he feels torn and broken because of his job sums up chapter 10.

“Have you hear of the janissaries? “No,” I said. “They were Christian boys,” he explained, “captured by the Ottomans and trained to be soldiers in a Muslim army, at that time the greatest army in the world. they were ferocious and utterly loyal: they had fought to erase their own civilizations, so they had nothing else to turn to.”

“There really could be no doubt: I was a modern-day janissary, a servant of the American empire at a time when it was invading a country with a kinship to mine and was perhaps even colluding to ensure that my own country faced the threat of war.”

– Besides the fact that Changez was a Muslim living in New York, he agreed that he was a modern-day necessary; a person who had left their own country at war. He wanted to stay, although his parents “sent” him away, with the notice that he should shave his beard to protect his identity. From the novel, Juan-Bautista does not seem to fancy Changez as much.

round characters  – Erica,

flat characters – American

dynamic – changes, Erica, changez

static – no change, American, Jim

“omniscient” – allvitende, 3rd person view

  1. The setting:
  • The setting of the book goes back and forth from Lahore, the Philipines, and New York. He switches between talking in 3rd person and 1st person. He talks to a man at a café, and talks about his past. 
  • I believe the story plot surrounds one day and the sub-plot is about a one year period. 
  • The story takes place serveral spots. In New York work buildings, in a cafe in Lahore, Afghanistan streets. 
  • I am not sure why the author chooses to write like this, and I myself mean that it is quite annoying and messing to follow up. 

2. The plot

  • Inciting incident When he sits down and begin talking to the American. The subplot and main incident are the 9/11 and that he is a Muslim with a beard. 
  • Main conflict, how is it resolved

3. characterization and characters

  • The main personality traits of the protagonist (Changez) is that he is very open, but at the same time very strange. He is kind of mysterious, which makes him special. 
  • Erica is a round character. A flat character is the American.
  • Changez is the character who changes a lot in this story. He is dynamic, and when we follow him we get to know that he is very uptight yet loving towards the ones he likes. 

4. Narrative style

  • The narrative style is that he is writing the story in 1st person, and we only get Changez’s responses and his thoughts. This achieves an unrealistic story, being that we do not know what the other people thoughts are when it is all in 1st person. 
  • The story would be a lot different if there was another narrator, yes. If it was normal dialogues, we could have the opportunity to get inside the other characters heads and understand where they come from. 

5. theme

  • The themes of this novel are racism, human connection/friendships/relationships, and judgemental thoughts. 
  • He raises the 9/11 theme and goes deep in that he wears a beard, and that he is a Muslim in the united states while America is filled with terror and prejudice. 

Homework for wednesday january 31st

 Dear Diary, 

It has now been a few days since the terror attack on the Twin Towers, and the whole city is quiet. The air, the streets; even the wind – no sound at all. The blocks that were affected by the bombing is still smoked down like a blanket of dust, and from miles away all you could see was blown-out windows, ruined buildings – and the American flag, everywhere. On each corner, there were flower motives representing the dead and hurt from the Word Trade Center damages – and for us walking around I must say it is very touching. I find myself thinking about Erica, and how I yet haven´t reached out to her yet. I believe and hope she is okay, after all, she is my only true friend here. The atmosphere in New York after the 9/11 is no more than dead, and every time I turn another direction there are new people. Surely there must be people, maybe parents, kids, grandparents – who have lost one or more loved ones with this tragedy. I hope one day New York will return to normal, and that we can build each other up stronger than ever before. 

  • When Erica and Changez meet for the first time after the attacks, she starts to talk about her ex-boyfriend, Chris, and how the bombing reminded her of his death. – “It´s not that bad. I mean, I´m eating fine. I haven´t lost it. But I feel haunted, you know?”


  • The Muslims were treated horrendously bad: The FBI was raiding mosques, shops, and even the Muslims´s houses. The Muslim men disappeared, and the cab drivers were beaten almost to death. 


  • Jim meant that “Power comes from becoming change. He talked about his childhood and how his father raised him by showing him that he had to work hard to be the change. 


9/11 day of terror

In class today we saw a documentary about the terror attack in New York, at the World Trade Centre. The documentary showed us the 102 minutes from the morning, til the two planes had crashed into the Trade Centre and filled the whole city with smoke. After watching the documentary, I read an article that came out the day after 9/11, getting the input of how the witnesses felt.

I have watched the 9/11 videos a few times, and every time I get the same horrendous feeling. The thought of the people jumping out of the tower because they knew they were going to die devastates me. Also, it is heartwarming that many people got up in the tower, and tried to save other people risking their own lives. After all, the most important that the civilians could do to each other was to help. I get the goosebumps every time I get into the mindset of the people running through the streets trying to save their own lives.

2.4 and 2.5

c) How does Changez feel in the office of Underwood Samson?

  •  He feels very excited, and he felt proud to be one of the only ones who got the job out of five at the internship.

d) How does Changez compare Pakistan and the USA?

  •  He compared Pakistan and USA with the economy, and he said that when Pakistan started out rich – the country just got poorer and poorer while America has grown to a huge country with many financial goods.

e) What does Erica´s father say about Pakistan? What is Changez reaction to what he says? 

  •   Erica´s father pointed out that the economy of Pakistan was falling down, he talked down about fundamentalism and that there is a huge difference between the rich and poor. Changez reaction was that he felt bridle, but tried to keep his act together and he answered nicely that his family still lives there – and that they lived well.

f) When Erica shows Changez her novel manuscript, she compares herself to a certain species. Which one? In your view, why does she make the comparison?

  • She compares herself to an oyster, and in my view, she made her comparison because she felt that she has worked hard with her novel – but right at that point where it comes close to the ‘finishing stages’, she is frighted.



a) So I kind of miss home too, “she said. “Except my home was a guy..”

  •  Many believe that home is a person, like Erica did. Her ex-boyfriend was her safe place, her home – and I believe that if you are a hopeless romantic this is something that occurs to the most of us.

b) “I was immediately a New Yorker.”

  • He felt like he was blending in the all the other people in New York, that he no longer felt any special.   

e) “Nothing troubled me: I was a young New Yorker with the city at my feet. How soon that would change! My world would be transformed, just as this marked around us has been.”

The reluctant fundamentalist

In class, we are reading a book from the author Moshin Hamid, and his book The Reluctant Fundamentalist. This book is about a man named Changez and his story when it comes to ethnic tolerance and America. We have only been able to read two chapters so far, and I will say that I have never read anything like it before. To start on the first chapter, it only showed Changez dialog and we do not get to hear what the other persons have to say. The thing that was quite special about the first chapter was that even though we do not get the other person thoughts, we can see what the answers because of how Changez response. 

I later found out that we have the same humor, and I like that we get an ‘insight’ of his thoughts on everything, which makes it more personal. The way he talks in the second chapter about Erica, the girl he has an interest in, is so sweet. This is, of course, him talking in past tense about a trip they took to Greece with the class. I was hoping that in the second chapter we got to see their whole dialog, and we did so I was happy about that. I found it quite irritating that we only got his part of the story. 

When he explains how he felt about the group he was traveling with to Greece, he mentioned that they were rude to the elderly and that they were wealthy people. Being that Changez was the person that talked down to the group made him the superior? In the book, he said ‘I, with my finite and depleting reserve of cash and my traditional sense of deference to one’s seniors, found myself wondering what quirk of human history my companions – many of whom I would have regarded as upstarts in my own country, so devoid of refinement were they- were in a position to conduct themselves in the world as though they were its ruling class.”

When Erica asked him about Pakistan, he had many answers. It was from desert to farmland, that alcohol was illegal to Muslims so he had a Christian bootlegger to bring him booze for him to drink, and he told her about the road trip he made with his family to China through Karakoram Highway.

When he told the group he wanted to be ‘the dictator of an Islamic republic with nuclear capability’ he obviously made a joke, as he stated, but the rest of the group seemed shocked except Erica. While she just smiled at him, he got no response from the others. I think he made that joke to show self-irony and that because he had a beard, he followed the ‘prejudice’ opinion and made a joke about him and his religion. 

Justin Trudeau’s speech – assembly of first nations

In his speech to the Assembly of First Nations in late 2015, he announced that he wanted a complete renewal of how Canada’s relationship with its indigenous people is. Firstly, he made a personal commitment to bring new leadership to Ottawa, which is Canada’s capital. He wanted to build up his trust with the indigenous people, and he stated that no other relationship is as important to him than with Canada’s indigenous population. One of the top priorities to The Minister of The Indigenous And Northern Affairs was to create a national public inquiry into the indigenous missing and murderer woman/girls in Canada. 

In an article that I found from September 20th in 2017 he stated that Canada still remains in progress, and then he said this “We can’t build a better world unless we work together, respect our differences, protect the vulnerable, and stand up for the things that matter most, but I remain confident – for Canada’s experience shows this to be true – that any challenge can be met if we meet it together.”  So from his speech in 2015 and to his latest report from 2017, he actually has not made any huge changes that he promised he would do. I feel that he is mostly no action, just words – and as we all know, actions speak louder than words. He said that for him to make changes, he needed the nation to work together, and when he did not see any changes in this process he kindof but the blame om the indigenous people for not have made any changes. He is called the ‘media-charmer” which seems pretty accurate.

Amnesty International made an article stating that violence against indigenous woman and girls are a human right crisis, and that has deep roots in racism, poverty and marginalization. 

Language features I found in Ophra’s speech: 

  • Slang: she uses words like “you´re, he´s, wouldn’t” for her speech to make it more personal.
  • Positive words 
  • Variation of sentence structure

Literary devices:

  • similie, to compare herself to other black people who have fought for their rights and became famous.

Sources I have used:

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