American History x

The movie we watched in class, American History X, is a movie out of the ordinary. When it came out in 98′, there was and still is a huge contrast between the black and the white people in America. Of course, there have been remarkable changes in The US because of the matter of Black Lives Matter and justice. The movie shows the clear difference between the black community and the white community, where the hatred towards the black people/gangsters were huge. Derek, which was the ‘centre of attention’ turns from being a neo-nazi to realising that his beliefs could turn around to the better.

I have seen this film before, although every time I watch it I get new perspectives. His family grew up with a racist father, and for many, it is normal for people to look up to their fathers. I did not find it strange that also his little brother, Danny, grew up fascinated by his brother. After Derek served 3 years in prison he got a black friend and stopped having a prejudice against the black people, which made him change his beliefs and he also dropped out of the ‘Disciples of Christ’ group where his friends hang out.  I definitely believe that every person should watch this film, as it shows the racial differences that still is a reality in some countries.  The film shows that influence has a huge impact on people and that you should take your responsibility in your own hands instead of dealing it out on others. The last thing we can learn from this movie is that it is never too late to make things better and that we should definitely give people second chances.


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