The Marine life is suffering

Plastic-Infographic-revised-1024x683.pngNow in 2018, we have polluted the ocean more than ever before, with an astonishing 8 million tons going into the ocean each year. Actually, it is said that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our ocean – if we do not change our ways of using plastic. Since the ocean gets polluted with toxic and microplastic each day that passes, which the marine animals consume, we who eat fish get it in our system. This problem occurred many years ago, and both the marine life and our beautiful nature has become a crucial problem.

In class today we watched a documentary called ‘The Plastic Whale’ which was 46 minutes of heartbreak. It showed different aspects of how the plastic that ended up in the ocean, has ruined the lives of several whales and nonetheless, ended up washed up on shore. Many believe that ‘one plastic bottle’ thrown into the ocean does no harm, yet when million of us is thinking the same it collects up. 

The documentary showed us several beautiful landscapes in Norway, and it made me appreciate how lucky we are. It breaks my heart that there are places we heart very little about, that struggle with the toxic fuses of microplastic. In the Caribbean, there is an Island full of plastic from the ocean. Miles of miles of collected plastic bags, straws and electrical cords all bundled up in one place. 

I hope that most people see what plastic does to our nature. For instance, in Bali are mostly plastic bag-free which was an organization made of two young girls. We as teenagers have a huge responsibility not only for ourselves but also for our descendants. One person who picks up trash is better than no one. Small changes will afterwards become large changes, and I believe that putting more focus on living without plastic will make a change. 

It is hard sometimes to remember that it actually is a reality that our world is changing, and as I said small changes every day is better than doing nothing. If I continue recycling bottles and the trash it hopefully will maintain the same, and a positive mindset always helps. If I see plastic at the beach I usually pick it up and I hope that others do that as well. There are organizations that set up ‘cleaning days’ where volunteers can help clean up trash, and I think that is beautiful as a way of our community to connect even more.




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