My personal statement letter

I want to be everything at once, and as a seventeen-year-old, I am stuck at a crossroad not knowing which direction to go. Growing up with two ‘goal chasers’ as parents haven’t always been easy, and I might even say that it has shaped me to become who I am today as a teen – curious, independent and hard working. 

Both my mother and father started on their own and now they both have successful businesses. At a young age, my mother started questioning what I wanted to be when I grew up. And my answer? I wanted to become a dentist. I loved needles, blood and my grandmother worked as a dentist – and as a young believer in the world, I wanted to become just as cool as her. Reality kicked me in the face when I started working hard in school, and my classes quickly caused confusion and devastation realizing school wasn´t as easy as I thought. My childhood dentist-dream slowly faded away, 

One of my biggest interests is watching tv series. Even though most of them are a break from reality, I found myself two years ago watching Criminal Minds. I can say with my hands on my heart that Criminal Minds gave me a lightbulb idea of what I wanted to study, or at least dream of becoming something within researching.

Growing up in an independent and strict household it was really important for my mother to be sure that I knew what I wanted to study, and as for now, I want to be everything at once. There are so many paths that seem interesting, and as a curious teenage soul, I find myself wanting it all. 


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