Freedom of speech

I chose to look at the topic of abortion since I have many opinions about it myself. At the Wall Street Journal, there are several topics where you get both the liberal and the conservative opinions about the different topics. I stand by the liberal side myself, and my beliefs are that you can choose whatever you would like – since after all, it is your own body.

When it comes to abortion, the liberal and the conservatives have different opinions. The liberals are for abortions and support the mothers and whatever they choose. On the other side, we have the conservatives that mean that every ‘pregnancy’ from the day you figure out that you are pregnant is a life. They are against abortion, and they stand by that there is a living human inside of you before the 12 weeks – which is the rule for when it is illegal to take away the child. 

I did not find any specific that promoted negative/hateful posts, but somehow the conservatives are more ‘pushy’ than the liberals. I saw that they had posted many articles about demonstrations with teenagers and mothers who have given birth before the 12 weeks (which I see as an overbearing post to the woman who has chosen to have an abortion).

The topic of abortion is one of the most touching subjects a woman can come across, and to stand by either the liberal or conservative has its negatives and positives. When the politicians post something on social media, they must remember that there are hundreds of thousands that will see the post. The thing about freedom of speech is that you have your ability to speak up and have your voice heard. Some might use their power for more than it should be used to – as the president of America. He is very fond of expressing his feelings and opinions on his socials (especially Twitter). If we speak about our own country our Minster Of Justice, Sylvi Listhaug, posted a racial post on Facebook that blew up – and today on the 20th of March she went of her position. Her decision was a consequence of the freedom of speech, and the proof that there are some things you should keep to yourself. There are certain unwritten rules when it comes to the freedom of speech, and one of them is that you should be smart enough to know when you are crossing the line. Infringement, bullying and such should not be posted on social media – whether it is a normal person sitting at home or a political person.

I disagree with the conservative side when it comes to abortion, but somehow I understand their feelings against ‘taking away a life’. A story always has two sides, where in this case it balances with getting an abortion or continuing being pregnant. The conservatives mean that when you get an abortion, you also kill a life. I understand that people have different opinions and that the battle of discussion the abortion subject are never coming to an end.


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