Niger Delta´s oil pollution and Operation Day´s Work

At the present time in Norway, one of the most important campaigns is The Operation Day´s Work. We, as teenagers in Norway, get the wonderful chance each year to help the poor youth who grows up in places with injustice and poverty their whole lives. In Norway, we have over 6000 volunteers, and the campaign has made huge differences around the world since 1964. ODW give teenagers the ability to start over again and giving them the ability to get themselves out of poverty. We get the opportunity to work for a day and then send the money we gain, to the poor in need. The collected money that we earn goes to school books, refurbishment, and first and foremost; the teenager’s education. 

This year OD 2017 is focusing on supporting “Naturforbundet” and “Natur og Ungdom” educational programs surrounding the oil crisis in Nigeria. I acknowledge that it is extremely important to help the youth, and with this project, 10 000 teenagers in Niger Delta will be able to get an education and the hope for an improved future. The youth is the future and it is essential that we try and give the teenagers in Niger Delta the opportunity for a life of education, hope and a life without poverty. Students at Fagerlia should participate in this project simply because it is a meaningful movement to get involved in, and I guarantee that everyone will feel like they have accomplished a valuable gesture after ODW. It is such a small thing for us to do, which can change a person’s world and their way of living.

In class today we watched a couple of short films from Naturvernforbudet and Operasjons Dagsverk which dealt with the oil spills currently happening in Niger Delta, although it has been a severe conflict since 1990´s. Niger Delta´s president in the year 2000, Olusegun Obasanjo, established The Niger Delta Development Commission in response to confronting big oil companies such as Shell.

Shell started drilling for oil in Niger Delta back in 1956, with the present consequences of thousands of oil spills, corruptions, and environmental destructions. This is what OD is fighting for, trying to make a transformation for the improved. When I witnessed these short films in class, it shocked me to see that almost every lake, pond and fishing areas were demolished. Not only did they have oil spills in their drinking water making it brown, it also exterminated every fish in the lake, making them poisonous to consume. 

In the 3rd film, a few Nigerians from Environmental Rights Action discussed how important the environment is for them, and that the pollution has made it impossible to grow soil, plants, and food. Their drinking water is 900 times more polluted than what is health- recommended and people die before they reach the age of 50. As a country who has established a billion-market on oil companies, I feel like it is our commitment to help.

Subsequently watching these short films it made me inspired to do a good job at the ODW. It also astonished me how people can live in these conditions, and I also felt extremely guilty for all the water I have wasted over the previous years. I cannot envision their living situations and how it must influence their daily life.

As a conclusion, I thought I would inform you that I signed up to be in the ODW School Committee, and it is our responsibility to organize the ODW at our school, Fagerlia. I thought it would be interesting for me to try it out, knowing that we have the power to change someone´s future. 


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“Photo from Sum of Us: Fighting for people over profits.”


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