The Harvey Hurricane

Houston, Texas is the fourth largest city in America and has over 2,3 million citizens. According to Urix, Harvey the hurricane is the third hurricane in Houston this year, hitting the Coast of Texas and demolishing Houston harder than it has ever been before. Many cities in Texas are already over -flooded where streets are closed, rivers and streams are in flood stage and interstates are under feet of water. Currently, over 30,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, in search of safer grounds. In the city of Houston, nine shelters have opened for people to get food, water and a place to sleep.

The forecast in Houston says that the hurricane will linger until Wednesday night, dumping over 50 inches of rain all over Texas and cities that are close by the area. Not later than Friday night, Harvey was stated as a Category 4 Hurricane with winds up to a shocking 130 miles per hour. The Harvey Hurricane that once started as a flood, has now intertwined into a tropical storm which can turn into serious, deadly tornadoes.  

For instance, in the blog post written by, they stated that The Gulf Coast of Mexico has a temperature of 30-degree Celsius, as a result of the heat waves that have been circling around the earth creating huge differences of temperatures around the world. This is a critical issue that we as humans has created ourselves, from throwing trash and creating greenhouse gasses to the air, heating up the upper layers of the sea to warm up. Actually, the sea surface surrounding Texas is now one of the hottest spots on the ocean surface in the world, with a horrifying 30-degree Celsius temperature which I mentioned earlier.

I think it is absolutely devastating for the people hit by this horrible natural disaster. To be honest, I did not read much about the Harvey Hurricane before this assignment, but as I read more and more information about these extreme conditions surrounding Houston, I could not feel anything but sadness and heartbreak. It is easy for us to say that issues like this happen all the time, however, it seems unreal to us in Norway because it has not happened with us yet. We are so used to reading about the floods, hurricanes and natural disasters in Thailand and cities/countries far away, that when it does happen somewhere closer we do not know how to respond. 

As the weather reporters say, the hurricane will continue most likely until Wednesday night. I will continue watching the news and following up what happens next, although it is heartbreaking reading about people losing their homes and everything they have built up being torn apart. I did learn some interesting facts that I did not know from before, like how warm the ocean around Texas has become. In all things considered reading around on the Internet finding different sources about the Harvey Hurricane, I assured that the facts in the original article were true, and it was. I absolutely also think that the floods happened all because of climate change. 

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One thought on “The Harvey Hurricane

  1. This is really informative, and well-written, Anéa! I agree – it is heart-breaking to hear and see the damages done in Texas, and to know that this is something we created with our pollution. It is also weird to think that other parts of the same country suffer from intense drought and water shortage. I, like you, will continue to follow the development of this crisis closely.


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