Elisabeth I of England

Elisabeth 1 reigned as the queen of England at the area of Shakespeare plays, as she also is known as the Elisabeth Age. Her throne was from 1558- 1603, when was when she died. Before she was a queen, she was actually a political prisoner – where she was accused of abetting Wyatt´s Rebellion, an uprising against Queen Mary I which many believed was motivated by the quest for Protestant liberation. 

She felt bad for the poor, and as a queen, she had the power and the rights to help whoever she wanted. The Act of the relief of the poor in 1601, created a law which made the rich help the poor out economically.


American History x

The movie we watched in class, American History X, is a movie out of the ordinary. When it came out in 98′, there was and still is a huge contrast between the black and the white people in America. Of course, there have been remarkable changes in The US because of the matter of Black Lives Matter and justice. The movie shows the clear difference between the black community and the white community, where the hatred towards the black people/gangsters were huge. Derek, which was the ‘centre of attention’ turns from being a neo-nazi to realising that his beliefs could turn around to the better.

I have seen this film before, although every time I watch it I get new perspectives. His family grew up with a racist father, and for many, it is normal for people to look up to their fathers. I did not find it strange that also his little brother, Danny, grew up fascinated by his brother. After Derek served 3 years in prison he got a black friend and stopped having a prejudice against the black people, which made him change his beliefs and he also dropped out of the ‘Disciples of Christ’ group where his friends hang out.  I definitely believe that every person should watch this film, as it shows the racial differences that still is a reality in some countries.  The film shows that influence has a huge impact on people and that you should take your responsibility in your own hands instead of dealing it out on others. The last thing we can learn from this movie is that it is never too late to make things better and that we should definitely give people second chances.

The Marine life is suffering

Plastic-Infographic-revised-1024x683.pngNow in 2018, we have polluted the ocean more than ever before, with an astonishing 8 million tons going into the ocean each year. Actually, it is said that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our ocean – if we do not change our ways of using plastic. Since the ocean gets polluted with toxic and microplastic each day that passes, which the marine animals consume, we who eat fish get it in our system. This problem occurred many years ago, and both the marine life and our beautiful nature has become a crucial problem.

In class today we watched a documentary called ‘The Plastic Whale’ which was 46 minutes of heartbreak. It showed different aspects of how the plastic that ended up in the ocean, has ruined the lives of several whales and nonetheless, ended up washed up on shore. Many believe that ‘one plastic bottle’ thrown into the ocean does no harm, yet when million of us is thinking the same it collects up. 

The documentary showed us several beautiful landscapes in Norway, and it made me appreciate how lucky we are. It breaks my heart that there are places we heart very little about, that struggle with the toxic fuses of microplastic. In the Caribbean, there is an Island full of plastic from the ocean. Miles of miles of collected plastic bags, straws and electrical cords all bundled up in one place. 

I hope that most people see what plastic does to our nature. For instance, in Bali are mostly plastic bag-free which was an organization made of two young girls. We as teenagers have a huge responsibility not only for ourselves but also for our descendants. One person who picks up trash is better than no one. Small changes will afterwards become large changes, and I believe that putting more focus on living without plastic will make a change. 

It is hard sometimes to remember that it actually is a reality that our world is changing, and as I said small changes every day is better than doing nothing. If I continue recycling bottles and the trash it hopefully will maintain the same, and a positive mindset always helps. If I see plastic at the beach I usually pick it up and I hope that others do that as well. There are organizations that set up ‘cleaning days’ where volunteers can help clean up trash, and I think that is beautiful as a way of our community to connect even more.




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My personal statement letter

I want to be everything at once, and as a seventeen-year-old, I am stuck at a crossroad not knowing which direction to go. Growing up with two ‘goal chasers’ as parents haven’t always been easy, and I might even say that it has shaped me to become who I am today as a teen – curious, independent and hard working. 

Both my mother and father started on their own and now they both have successful businesses. At a young age, my mother started questioning what I wanted to be when I grew up. And my answer? I wanted to become a dentist. I loved needles, blood and my grandmother worked as a dentist – and as a young believer in the world, I wanted to become just as cool as her. Reality kicked me in the face when I started working hard in school, and my classes quickly caused confusion and devastation realizing school wasn´t as easy as I thought. My childhood dentist-dream slowly faded away, 

One of my biggest interests is watching tv series. Even though most of them are a break from reality, I found myself two years ago watching Criminal Minds. I can say with my hands on my heart that Criminal Minds gave me a lightbulb idea of what I wanted to study, or at least dream of becoming something within researching.

Growing up in an independent and strict household it was really important for my mother to be sure that I knew what I wanted to study, and as for now, I want to be everything at once. There are so many paths that seem interesting, and as a curious teenage soul, I find myself wanting it all. 

Freedom of speech

I chose to look at the topic of abortion since I have many opinions about it myself. At the Wall Street Journal, there are several topics where you get both the liberal and the conservative opinions about the different topics. I stand by the liberal side myself, and my beliefs are that you can choose whatever you would like – since after all, it is your own body.

When it comes to abortion, the liberal and the conservatives have different opinions. The liberals are for abortions and support the mothers and whatever they choose. On the other side, we have the conservatives that mean that every ‘pregnancy’ from the day you figure out that you are pregnant is a life. They are against abortion, and they stand by that there is a living human inside of you before the 12 weeks – which is the rule for when it is illegal to take away the child. 

I did not find any specific that promoted negative/hateful posts, but somehow the conservatives are more ‘pushy’ than the liberals. I saw that they had posted many articles about demonstrations with teenagers and mothers who have given birth before the 12 weeks (which I see as an overbearing post to the woman who has chosen to have an abortion).

The topic of abortion is one of the most touching subjects a woman can come across, and to stand by either the liberal or conservative has its negatives and positives. When the politicians post something on social media, they must remember that there are hundreds of thousands that will see the post. The thing about freedom of speech is that you have your ability to speak up and have your voice heard. Some might use their power for more than it should be used to – as the president of America. He is very fond of expressing his feelings and opinions on his socials (especially Twitter). If we speak about our own country our Minster Of Justice, Sylvi Listhaug, posted a racial post on Facebook that blew up – and today on the 20th of March she went of her position. Her decision was a consequence of the freedom of speech, and the proof that there are some things you should keep to yourself. There are certain unwritten rules when it comes to the freedom of speech, and one of them is that you should be smart enough to know when you are crossing the line. Infringement, bullying and such should not be posted on social media – whether it is a normal person sitting at home or a political person.

I disagree with the conservative side when it comes to abortion, but somehow I understand their feelings against ‘taking away a life’. A story always has two sides, where in this case it balances with getting an abortion or continuing being pregnant. The conservatives mean that when you get an abortion, you also kill a life. I understand that people have different opinions and that the battle of discussion the abortion subject are never coming to an end.

I chose an article from CNN.com with the headline School shooting survivor: ‘There’s so many of us now’, published February 23rd, 2018. In this article, they focused on all the previous school shootings up til this day, and how the Florida shooting landed on the 10-year anniversary of the NIU shooting. The language in the post was quite simple, the same goes for the LA Times. In the article, it does not say anything about gun control, and I may think that is a result of that there are so many articles from before about this topic.